Get in the Game – You Can’t Win if You Don’t Play

Friday 11:25 AM-12:25 PM

Session Description

No one ever joined the major leagues to bunt. When we consider how many people live their personal and professional lives, however, that’s exactly what they’re doing: Playing it safe. What if, instead, you’re meant to swing away and win the game? This presentation is about living with a relentless pursuit of significance, not just success. Are you ready to poke the lion?

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify and exercise the power of choice to an empowered existence in the workplace
  2. Learn to harness the source of sustainable engagement and production in your organization
  3. Challenge yourself to battle the internal conflict between comfort and risk.


Pete Smith

Pete Smith is the best selling author of Dare to Matter, and has been called “one of America’s leading personal and professional development coaches.” He is a sought-after international speaker and trainer in the fields of leadership, management, personal growth and development. His energetic, edgy, and interactive style is complimented by his ability to provide practical takeaways that actually work, while having a little fun in the process.

He is a board member of the HR Alliance DC and a director in the Association for Talent Development’s DC Chapter. He is the creator of multiple leadership and management development programs, including the Rockstar Manager and the Expect to Win leadership program.

Formerly, Pete was the Operations Executive at one of the largest non-profit, alternative schools in Northern Virginia. During his tenure, he helped increase the total income, employee base and client base by over 102%. He helped increase the average employee tenure by 74%, and saved the organization over $420,000 in turnover costs during that time.

In January 2017, his book, Dare to Matter, was listed as the #2 Amazon Best Seller in the Business Motivation and Self-Improvement category.