Developing and Implementing a Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

Friday 8:40 – 9:40 AM

Session Description

HR has always been at the forefront of building an inclusive workforce and workplace. With today’s political climate, diversity and inclusion has risen to an even greater level of importance. It will be up to HR to rise to the challenge and help create a work environment where everyone is comfortable speaking up and being themselves – bringing their best self to work. Research shows that diverse teams and inclusive environments lead to better business results. So, how can we help our leadership elevate this important issue?

Learning Objectives

  1. How HR can help their company elevate the Diversity & Inclusion agenda and develop or enhance a strategy and framework
  2. Processes that companies can use to collect insights and perspectives from employees to inform their D&I strategy
  3. How collaboration between the business and diversity and inclusion can directly impact business results and consumer relevance.


Michael Gonzales

Michael is responsible for Hallmark’s Corporate Diversity & Inclusion’s strategies and direction, Diversity & Inclusion’s, (D&I’s) internal and external collaborations, partnerships, support and compliance.  He is responsible for the execution of the Corporate Diversity & Inclusion’s efforts regarding, workforce, workplace, marketplace and community priorities.  Michael sustains the relevance of the company’s Diversity & Inclusion business case while overseeing the company’s six Employee Resource Groups, (ERG’s).  He’s skilled in the areas of building critical relations, innovation and resourcing, business collaboration, employee relations, diverse and cultural understandings, compliance metrics and program management History and portfolio involvement include; board positions that reflect progress against an aggressive and iterative scorecards.  Michael saw a need for D&I collaborative thought and best practice and so co-founded the KC D&I Consortium, which grew from three members to over 115 in four years. He’s partnered in creating a Hispanic college student mentoring program. Michael was responsible for the creation of Hallmark’s Center for Diversity & Inclusion. He also was the project lead for Hallmark’s first summit on Diversity & Inclusion. He is a frequent resource to fellow Diversity & Inclusion and Human Resource professionals from the business, non-profits and higher education communities on topics of Diversity & Inclusion and ERG’s.