Pre-Conference – Effectively Managing Change & Conflict in the Workplace

Additional fee of $60 applies. Lunch and assessment included.

Wednesday • 9:00am – 12:00pm  

Session Description  

Leading people through change and managing (or better yet preventing) conflict in the workplace, are some of the most important skills we can master.   This workshop will give leaders insight into their own behavioral drives and personality.  They will learn how their own personalities influence which leadership tactics they lean into when managing and influencing others.  Participants will learn steps to effective change management, while considering how different personalities view and approach change, and what they need to feel comfortable with the process.   Participants will also learn situational leadership tactics for managing various types of conflicts, while not forgetting about the “human element” of the parties involved.  Ideally, participants will learn how to create an objective language and culture of understanding throughout their organization that lends itself to fewer conflicts.  Learn how to prevent some conflict that bubbles up because of misunderstandings or personality differences.

This workshop is an interactive, hands-on workshop, which combines presentations, group discussions, activities and case studies.




Amy Leslie

CEO at Perspective Consulting, Inc., a Predictive Index Certified Partner

I spent 15 years in leadership, and found myself asking: Why did I hire this person? What’s wrong with him? Why doesn’t she just do her job? Why can’t everyone just get along? Why can’t they sell more?…and my favorite question…Were they dead when we hired them or did we kill them?

Being a great leader isn’t always easy, but if you don’t have a way to “decode” your people it makes it even harder! At some point in my career, I discovered a way to tap into human predictive analytics to find out what makes people tick, how they will behave, why, and how they think and learn. It was like magic! With my newly found “informed intuition”, I began to make better hiring decisions, my teams clicked and people were suddenly more responsive to me.

Predictive workforce analytics changed my life as a leader, and I’m passionate about helping other leaders avoid the mistakes I made early in my career. My firm specializes in helping companies use proven, scientifically valid tools and methodologies to avoid bad hiring decisions, manage people better and essentially create a more productive and happy workforce.

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