Keep the Best Players On Your Team

Thursday 2:40 – 3:40 PM

Session Description

What employees are looking for continues to change, hear about the new 3 Keys to Retention and simple strategies on how to implement them! How much does pay really matter, and do you really know why people leave your organization? Hear the secrets from someone who has represented candidates and has been on both sides!

Learning Objectives

  1. The new 3 keys to retention of employees
  2. The importance of compensation
  3. Simple strategies to implement the 3 keys to retention


Mike Henke

Mike Henke’s passion for building strong teams led to the creation of Mike Henke Inc, and he works with organizations throughout the country in the areas of Leadership Training, Team Building, Recruiting & Retention, and Positive Workplace Environment. Mike has created and developed over 50 unique training sessions and his delivery is interactive and very upbeat!