Sweat the Small Stuff: Smart Strategies to Engage Employees

Friday 9:50 – 10:50 AM

Session Description

In the game of organizational life, Human Resource Professionals need bench strength. Gone are the days when free agents were plentiful; the talent pool is shrinking by the day. So, how do you keep your ace players actively engaged, connect with your bullpen, and do it all on shoestring budget? When you focus on the strengths of your employees, they are more likely to pinch hit for you when you need them. By developing a robust lineup that attracts and retains high-performing players, your leadership team creates a workplace culture that keeps your top talent from signing with someone else.

Learning Objectives

  1. Don’t strike out with insincere appreciation – recognize employees without going “overboard”
  2. Accurately assess how to help employees reach the next base in their professional pursuits
  3. Hit a home run by creating a workplace culture your employeees love


Lisa Ryan

Award-winning speaker, Lisa Ryan, delivers engagement strategies and inspiration to her national and international audiences. She is the best-selling author of eight books and a featured expert in two films.

Focusing on workplace culture and personal empowerment with “Grategies” – gratitude strategies, Lisa works with organizations to keep their top talent and best clients from becoming someone else’s. Through real world examples, audience interaction, and a lot of fun, her participants receive ideas that positively impact them both personally and professionally.