Engaging Employee Performance

Friday 8:40 – 9:40 AM

Session Description

I say employee performance. You think performance reviews. That’s a shame.
High performance is engaging. End-zone dancing and high fives. Does that describe your performance appraisal process? What if it could?
It’s time to innovate!
We’re not stuck with performance reviews. They’ll never promote engaging workplaces. Improved performance won’t result from a low-performing system. T
Let’s talk alternatives.
This session explores our failure to innovate. We’ll look at excuses the HR pros make for sticking with the status quo and offer solutions for each. We’ll discuss how to efficiently leverage continuous employee feedback in a strategically accountable and engaging way.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn why average performance management consistently fails its primary objective: Improve performance! (HR Development)
  2. Understand how broken PM systems actually cost more than poor performance and do more harm than good (Strategic Management)
  3. Realize a culture rich in feedback is no longer a luxury, but a workforce requirement (Workforce Planning and Employment)
  4. Identify practical strategies to upgrade performance management processes, making them as engaging as they should be (HR Development)


Justin Schreier

A 2010 graduate of Wayne State College in Nebraska, Justin Schreier is a millennial Sr. HR Manager with 6 years of HR Business Partner experience in corporate America.  He was previously the HRBP for the president of Experian Marketing Services and its senior leadership team globally and now is all about engaging employee performance. Schreier has a passion for implementing successful performance management, change management, and business transformation initiatives set to increase and create synergies and clear communication specifically focused on shifts into digital Mar Tech, as well as cloud-based technology platforms.