Keeping All the Balls in the Air

Friday 9:50 – 10:50 AM

Session Description

Mental health – or, rather, mental wellness – remains shrouded in secrecy, stigma, and confusion. It matters to all of us, but few of us want to talk about it. Every one of us brings our mental health (and lack, thereof) to work every day. And often, work – or the workplace – is the cause of our stuff or at least exacerbates it.

In this breakout, participants will learn why mental wellness at work matters and what they can do about it for themselves, their teams and their organizations.

Learning Objectives

  1. Establish the importance and urgency of considering mental wellness in the workplace
  2. Establish a workplace framework and offer resources for effectively managing mental and emotional difficulties
  3. Leave participants with an action planning toolkit they can put to work right away.


Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson is a psychotherapist, executive coach, speaker, and writer spreading the word that working like crazy can, indeed, make us crazy. Happily, there are things we can do about it. Jeff’s career mosaic includes frontline and senior leadership roles, deep human resources expertise and firsthand experiences from the counseling room. He helps organizations create intentional, high-performing cultures that promote mental wellness at work. An engaging and entertaining speaker, Jeff offers practical advice on restoring sanity to the place most of us spend most of our time – work.