Workplace Violence: Recognizing the Real Threat with Practical Solutions for Response

Thursday 8:00 – 9:00 AM

Session Description

Recent events in the workplace have reinforced that the greatest risk of violence to employees comes from an internal threat. Over the last quarter century we have restricted building entry in an attempt to address the threat. Unfortunately, violent events have steadily increased over this period. In order to counter this rise we should focus on notification (OSHA General Duty to Warn), trauma response (DHS Stop the Bleed), and best practice in a crisis (CRASE – Civilian Response to Active Shooter).

Learning Objectives

  1. Address the need for notification systems
  2. Inform on best practices for practical training and instruction to employees
  3. Discuss the importance of options-based response in keeping with DHS recommendations and OSHA guidelines


Douglas Parisi

Douglas B. Parisi is the Director of Training for SafeDefend. A former police captain with over 20 years of service he has personal experience with active shooter situations. During 3 ½ years as a police academy commander he has obtained extensive training on site security, active shooter response and civilian response to hostile events. Currently, he works with schools, businesses, and government institutions on policy implementation, crisis response planning and threat mitigation.